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Todd the spider monkey is about to embark on a five-month island vacation in landlocked Greenwood, Missouri. Drivers will glimpse Todd climbing trees or scaling a 6-foot statue of a tyrannosaurus rex or swinging on the 64 feet of monkey bars that stretch the length of the island. Savorelli has to transport Todd to the island, which is accessible only by boat.

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If one ever decides that it doesn't like you, let it go man--the street organ is gone. Enormous-Schwanstucker : FTMFA: "In a bid to curb the monkey problem the city 'employed' larger, more ferocious langur monkeys to go after the smaller groups of Rhesus macaques. Pissed of Macaques are lobbing bricks at people so lets bring in even more pissed off Langurs.

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The scandal over exhaust experiments on monkeys shows just how unscrupulous Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are when it comes to manipulating the public. Anything goes when it comes to diverting attention from the dangers inherent in diesel. When auto industry executives come together to party, the smell of exhaust fumes is far from disagreeable.

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What I forgot when I took the second shot because I was so focused on getting another shot before the monkey ran away was to turn off the flash. My camera automatically sets the flash on. So I got that picture of the cute little monkey but immediately after the monkey freaked and showed great displeasure at having had a flash go off.

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Right there, staring straight into my camera lens, this Japanese macaque had the audacity to poke out his tongue! Their furry little coats and hoods looked so snug around their faces, while their scarily human-like fingers and toes had me contemplating the incredible mysteries of both creation and evolution. Suddenly, there was a hideous screeching sound and I turned to see an adult monkey suddenly plunge onto the back of another, claws digging into his back.

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As I have promised, here is short a video of Amari and Lori, the two macaques we rescued from Angkor. Both have made a remarkable recovery and are in good health, as you can see. We need to keep Amari in a small cage during the time we are unable to give her direct supervision, because she is blind.

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J ust as in pissed-off human societies, agitated animal communities sometimes erupt into violent revolutions that establish new social regimes. In monkeys, these upheavals usually start as a series of small skirmishes — and occasionally the violence escalates into an all-out brawl. A team of Arizona-based scientists came to this conclusion after analyzing conflicts that took place in a group of captive pigtail macaque monkeys.

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Top definition. Snow Monkey unknown. A racial slur towards white people.

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Above, a capuchin monkey. Photograph: Thinkstock. Humans and other primates have evolved a moral sense of right and wrong, of fairness and unfairness, and are prepared to endure personal sacrifice to uphold moral standards and to inflict discomfort on others who treat us unfairly.

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Absolutely appalling disappointed in myself for staying to watch whole show please do not go animals all chained up disgusting. Kids were happy to see monkey's doing some tricks, but for adults its really heart breaking scene!! They are abused and very sad.


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