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You're probably raising your eyebrows right now -- either in skepticism or interest -- but hear us out! Author Timothy Ferris, with the help of sex experts, claims to have unlocked the secrets to the long female orgasm. In his book, The 4-Hour Bodyhe shares tips that helped him give his partner two extended orgasms, plus a minute orgasm!

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Meditation slows the heart rate, stops the brain chatter and is good for the spiritual soul. And now, at least according to one new book, it can bring women to orgasm. Unlike tantric sexwhich she says is "radically different," slow sex uses meditation techniques like mindfulness and focusing on sensitivity and pleasure.

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First, get undressed and lie on your back using a pillow for neck support. Your legs should be bent and spread, feet together in butterfly position. If this makes your hips uncomfortable on one or both sides.

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Photograph: Getty. Any advice? Sex with a new person is exciting and nerve-racking and a host of other feelings and sensations that might make them orgasm quickly. The reality is that during penetrative sex, on average, most men last between three and eight minutes before ejaculating.

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How long should good sex last? Well, that depends. In other words, sex is different for every couple.

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Misinformation and sex are about as tightly bound together as Love Island and fake tan. Whatever the reason, a lot of sex myths have been allowed to live on, way past our teenage years when naivety is understandable. Women are supposed to come almost instantly.

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And when you give guys some anonymity, they admit it. I had this same problem. Eventually, I figured out what worked, but figuring it out was a huge pain in the ass.

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It's part of human nature to compare ourselves with others, whether in our careers, social life, or romantic relationships. We can't help but wonder if our habits and desires are "normal," and that's especially true when it comes to our sexual experiences—something not everyone feels comfortable speaking about openly. Luckily, a one survey has revealed one burning question about sex that most of us are curious about but may be too shy to ask: How long should it last?

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As most guys know, sex can't always last for hours, nor would we want it to. Of course, it's nice to have long sessions in which you and your woman get to enjoy giving each other oral sex and licking every part. Well, today's tip will have you kissing, licking, sucking, and freaking you know what word I really mean all in about 15 minutes.

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