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But unlike most clubs, the dress code at this venue includes rubber, leather, PVC and "fantasy fetish gear" - and they won't let you in if your outfit isn't kinky enough. Step inside and you'll find punters chained against the wall in their outrageous outfits, willingly being flogged, whipped and spanked by fellow clubbers. In fact, as far as the thriving nightspot's regulars are concerned, pain is all part of the fun.

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A California couple who tortured 12 of their 13 children, starving and beating them, depriving them of sleep and sometimes shackling them to their beds with chains, were sentenced on Friday to 25 years to life in prison. Some of their children gave statements at the sentencing hearing in Riverside, Calif. The couple, David and Louise Turpin, cried and trembled as four of their children made statements, two of them through intermediaries, in Riverside County Superior Court.

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Lopatka, 35, who investigators believe arranged her death over the Internet, used a series of identities in hundreds of e-mail messages to Glass, 45, a father of three who was a computer analyst for Catawba County. Lopatka called herself "Nancy" and "Sharon" during routine e-mail conversations. But when she talked about sex, torture, bondage and death and began role-playing about strange sexual acts, she slipped into a different identity, a law enforcement source said.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. And when it comes to getting turned on and orgasmingour brains deserve more credit than they often get.

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On Thursday, independent news agency Arab24 reported that Syrian rebels had uncovered an ISIS prison where female sex slaves were raped and abused with the "worst, most violent torture tools. According to the findings of the Syrian rebels, there are ten small rooms, used as "torture cells," located within the prison. The rooms are filthy; dog bowls filled with dirty water and leftover food are sloppily laid on the stained floor; there are no mattresses; the walls are covered in Arabic writing; and steel, small barred-windows can be found on the large metal doors separating the torture cells from one another.

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W hy does the practice of torture seem to endure? Perhaps, when we condemn the practice, we really only condemn a particular sometimes, particularly cinematic version of torture, with assumptions about how it looks and the motivations of the characters. And so, as we condemn, we may be unconsciously good at making exceptions.

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Sexual torture constitutes any act of sexual violence which qualifies as torture. Public awareness of the widespread use of sexual torture as a weapon of war greatly increased after the war in the former Yugoslavia in the early s. Sexual torture has serious mental, physical and sexual health consequences. Attention to date has focused more on the sexual torture of women than of men, partly due to gender stereotypes.

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Jump to navigation. The city of Berlin witnessed a gruesome murder ahead of Christmas. A murder where a year-old German woman was tortured to death by a couple.

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A list of torture methods and devices includes:. Note that the line between "torture method" and "torture device" is often blurred, particularly when a specifically named implement is but one component of a method. Also, many devices that can be used for torture have mainstream uses, completely unrelated to torture.


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