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Only wizards and witches appear to use broomsticks in the wizarding world.

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The broomstick was ideal — it was portable, cheap, and required no explanation.

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For example, modern broomsticks are versatile and come with a Cushioning Charm.

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Therefore, if they were to keep a method of flight in their homes, it would have to be unobtrusive and easy to hide.

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Since no spell was devised by wizards to enable them to fly [1] with the exception of Lord Voldemort in , and Severus Snape a year later [2] , they had to come up with another way to do so. They were also designed with styling and craftsmanship in mind, and not performance. Over time these spells have gone from being simple, to being more complex in nature. However, they were still handmade by single wizards, and they were generally incapable of achieving high speeds and were difficult to control at high altitudes. Wizarding broomsticks, unlike non-magical brooms, are enchanted to fly , allowing for a witch or wizard to travel to their destination through the air, as well as for playing broom games such as Quidditch. Early broomsticks had only simple spells placed on them.

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