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She was the only one on staff that had the clearance to work with ANBU and was therefore ushered away.

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The war may have been permanently over, but people never stopped getting hurt.

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Not when she is who she is.

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Then she saw it, pink hair that could only belong to the strongest medic in Konoha — probably the entire shinobi world, accompanied with the dark-haired member of the famous and legendary Team 7.

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He suggested that his students would make excellent code breakers.

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Sasuke and Sakura stood side by side, gathering the criminals outside the clinic. Hopefully when my father takes over we can merge the two into one. Summary : Sasuke is finally asking her to join him, expecting her to drop everything and just follow him out of Konoha. Sakura had pulled a double shift the day before and had only achieved four precious hours of sleeps, so her patience was running dangerously low. It rested there for a few moments until he poked her forehead softly. Tonight my grandparents are coming over for dinner and after that the rest of my family is coming for an importance announcement.

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  1. Terrible form on those dumbbell curls. She's gonna hurt her back. How's she gonna bend over then? Smh.