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It was said it had been a suicide attempt.

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Korea, specifically its treatment of celebrities is crap.

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They even reproached her for her lack of success in committing suicide, accused her of faking it, said that the news were false to get attention and attacked her more than ever.

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This incident, unlike others in the world of kpop, did not have a wave of positive and empathetic comments wishing her recovery, but the comments were insults, offenses and ridicule towards Hara.

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Goo Hara died one month after her best friend.

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Enter Ring Ring is garbage. After this, Hara uploaded a picture and netizens accused her of getting plastic surgery. Incidentally, there was damage to her intimate organs, so a rape is suspected, although it was never confirmed as such. And its important to know the stories of idols like Hara, Hangeng, T-ARA… because this idols were victims and where given nothing but hate. For a while Hara had the empathy of the netizens, but the case was never resolved judicially, and the public eventually forgot what happened and attacked Hara again.

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